Apparently, I have nothing to fear. (I don’t believe it)

So, I have an irrational fear of moths, butterflies and pretty much anything else that flutters. It’s not debilitating, but I thought today, I’d check out just how rational it was. As it turns out, it’s not. But first, the scary stuff.

Moths that kill!

Ok, that article is about Tibetans who kill each other for a petrified moth larvae which apparently cures everything including AIDS  and cancer, but apparently not other Tibetans.

This one tells of moths that kill humans (not clear on how. I’m thinking sniper attack) and the workers brought in to fix the problem used hairspray as part of the cure.

But as for butterflies – nothing.How the hell can the internet not have a single article on death by butterfly? There’s heaps of crazy stuff out there! Perhaps I may have had more luck if not for the band Killed by a Butterfly.

They’re a group from Jakarta, and boy, do they now how to shout! Check out their MySpace. (Yes, I said MySpace. Don’t call me grandma.)

Fear of insects is called Lepidopterophobia and kind of includes fear of butterflies. All I can tell from online is that most sites think it’s ridiculous, and the only famous sufferer I could find is Nicole Kidman. Well, boo, research. Boo to you.

Reading this, so you still think I’m wrong to be scared of butterflies? Look at the image below and tell me you’re not just a little bit scared. Come on.

3 thoughts on “Apparently, I have nothing to fear. (I don’t believe it)

  1. Well, I have to say that I too, am an irrational sufferer of terror of any creatures that have wings, and in particular, moths. They are disgusting creastures, all fluttery, and dusty and downright creepy. They sneak up on you when you least expect it and dump their vile dust all over you. UGH, why have they survived evolution???

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