Get camp. ing.

With the festival season coming up… what a cliché. I just haven’t been able to get that sentence out of my head since a friend sent me a link to the coolest tent ever (thanks, Trace!).

Yes, it looks like a VW. But it’s a tent! Love it! And this got me thinking, what other crazy tents are there out there?

This one is a tent AND a trampoline. Ooh, yeah.

Looking to do some urban camping? Check it out – how comfortable does that look?

$50,000. And if there’s no tree?

Look familiar, folks? It’s the Gregson deluxe! (I’m just so impressed this was on the first page of Google search images!)


That’s an extreme hanging tent. I don’t think I’m afraid of heights, but nah. No, thanks. Really.

This tent is da bomb.

I really like how practical this one is. Really useful for the festival environment.

But finally, in honour of my mother (if only they were Friesian)

2 thoughts on “Get camp. ing.

    • I know! I used to lie on the trampoline at my parents house and read on sunny days. And sometimes nap. Loved it. Better than a hammock. (Well, I dunno. I never had a hammock.)

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