Men on cars

You know how cars are usually modelled by sexy, barely-clad women? I wanted to try to find some sexy barely-clad men modelling cars.

It was harder than I expected.

Okay, that’s not a bad car. But, I don’t think you’re trying hard enough with the sexy looks.

Okay, again with the car, but the sexy? No.

Dude, that’s not even a car. Come on. Here. let the Dukes show you how it’s done.

Now you try.

Are you even trying? Ok, I guess there seems to be an attempt at a smouldering gaze. Possibly. I think I’m being a bit generous.


What? Why did you turn up when I did a google search for ‘sexy men on cars’?

Right, I think I’m going to give up.

Trying harder. Maybe you need the influence of a good lady? Come on, folks, show ’em how it’s done.

Happy Bucks.


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3 responses to “Men on cars

  1. Wendy H

    try sexy men with beer… i’m assuming this will be more difficult (and dangerous to the eyeballs)

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