Shakespeare was pretty cool. If he existed…

So, there’s some film coming out about whether Shakespeare did or did not really exist, or something. Yeah, I’m keen on seeing it, but I have always been impressed by the idea of making up stuff, and whoever it was that is now attributed as Shakespeare made heaps of good stuff up. Here’s a list of words from
  • accommodation
  • aerial
  • amazement
  • apostrophe
  • assassination
  • auspicious
  • baseless
  • bloody
  • bump
  • castigate
  • changeful
  • clangor
  • control (noun)
  • countless
  • courtship
  • critic
  • critical
  • dexterously
  • dishearten
  • dislocate
  • dwindle
  • eventful
  • exposure
  • fitful
  • frugal
  • generous
  • gloomy
  • gnarled
  • hurry
  • impartial
  • inauspicious
  • indistinguishable
  • invulnerable
  • lapse
  • laughable
  • lonely
  • majestic
  • misplaced
  • monumental
  • multitudinous
  • obscene
  • palmy
  • perusal
  • pious
  • premeditated
  • radiance
  • reliance
  • road
  • sanctimonious
  • seamy
  • sportive
  • submerge
  • suspicious
And from the same site, here are some phrases that he/they whatever came up with:
  • all that glitters isn’t gold
  • barefaced
  • be all and end all
  • break the ice
  • breathe one’s last
  • brevity is the soul of wit
  • catch a cold
  • clothes make the man
  • disgraceful conduct
  • dog will have his day
  • eat out of house and home
  • elbowroom
  • fair play
  • fancy-free
  • flaming youth
  • foregone conclusion
  • frailty, thy name is woman
  • give the devil his due
  • green eyed monster
  • heart of gold
  • heartsick
  • hot-blooded
  • housekeeping
  • it smells to heaven
  • it’s Greek to me
  • lackluster
  • leapfrog
  • live long day
  • long-haired
  • method in his madness
  • mind’s eye
  • ministering angel
  • more sinned against than sinning
  • naked truth
  • neither a borrower nor a lender be
  • one fell swoop
  • pitched battle
  • primrose path
  • strange bedfellows
  • the course of true love never did run smooth
  • the lady doth protest too much
  • the milk of human kindness
  • to thine own self be true
  • too much of a good thing
  • towering passion
  • wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve
  • witching time of the night
For my part, I believe that Shakespeare existed, that he was one guy and that I would have enjoyed sharing a mead with him in the local tavern.


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2 responses to “Shakespeare was pretty cool. If he existed…

  1. I love Shakespeare – here is a great site you might like. Have used it with my Year 11 English Language students. In case, the link doesn’t work – it’s called Will’s Words. Love the blog BTW

    • I’ve had to get away from that site, it is way too addictive! And despite reading and being amazed by the words I put in my blog, I still got them all wrong. Terrible! Thanks!

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