The Last Gig in Melbourne – Geraldine Quinn

Hey, what are you doing Friday night? Or next Friday? Or the one after? No plans? Good, then get your backside to Trades Hall (although enter through the door on Lygon St because otherwise things get confusing and your friends laugh at you in a most affable manner)

Geraldine Quinn’s voice kicks arse. I remember years ago hearing Jimeoin say that all comedians secretly want to be rock stars.I don’t know if that is true, but Geraldine Quinn could actually make that dream come true, with her magnificent voice and kick-arse attitude.

Working with an awesome band, featuring the Cheshire Cat smile of Casey Bennetto sneaking out from behind a speaker, Geraldine has a series of songs that capture the live scene Melbourne in so many different ways. My one little complaint (which I am hoping to hide mid-review here because I really enjoyed the night despite it) was that it wasn’t all that… funny. There were two songs which made me laugh, but the rest I simply enjoyed with a smile on my face and  a sense of familiar (at times disappointed in myself) recognition. I’d name the songs, but I don’t want to give away any of the punchlines – plus I have a terrible reputation for misquoting.

If you’re up for a rocking night of entertainment in a delightful venue, get yourself down to the marvellous Bella Union bar and catch The Last Gig in Melbourne – don’t miss it. It may be the last. (Well…)

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