Mother daughter matching outfits

Before I start, I would like to let you all know that the Green Guide has changed it’s layout (I’m a few weeks behind – shame on me) and this week Craig Mathieson has an excellent article on how evil Today Tonight is, and it’s a damned good read.

Now, to mother daughter matching outfits. I can’t remember why this came up, but my very own mother suggested this as a topic for a blog post, and I couldn’t resist. I was sorely disappointed in both the quality and quantity, but much searching and I have found outfits that I can put into four categories. There’s ‘Acceptable’ ‘Daggy’ ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Extremely creepy’.  Enjoy.


For a second, I thought they, matchingly, also only had one leg each, but looking closer, I was wrong. Got you looking, though, eh?

Is the matching bikini creepy? Oh, it so would have been if they were wearing high heels.

The kid’s expression nearly booted this to creepy.


What’s daggier that matching outfits? Matching knitted outfits.

See what I mean?

You can never have too much orange on an outfit, I say.

Damn the pixelation on this photo. I know the caption says something good.

Hey, what’s daggier than knitted outfits? Curtains with vests.


Only the one for this. Matching Snuggies or Slankets or whatever those things are called.

Extremely Creepy

Only two in here. I was expecting more, but the standard is pretty high.

I think this is from, and if you haven’t discovered this site yet and are looking to procrastinate, I’ve even made that a link. Some pages barely raise a chuckle, but others have you crying with laughter. Oh dear, oh dear.

Now, be warned. This last one is way, way creepy.

Way, way, way, way creepy.

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