Angel – Mostly season 3, with a bit of 1 and 2 – TV Review

**spoiler alerts – although it started last century, so I think that you can get over any being upsetness, really**

I resisted watched Angel for so long. I mean, I loved Buffy, but Angel never really held the same appeal to me. I should clarify this – I loved Buffy the show, but I hated both Buffy and Angel, the characters. What won me over was that recently I wanted something I could watch without using too much brainpower and that would make me laugh. Thank goodness, my local video shop (what an outdated term – video shop. Haven’t seen a video since the late nineties) has lots of television series.

My viewing pleasure was not helped by the fact that I started watching from the last disc of the season and thought that Joss Wheedon had done a terrible job at introducing these characters. Duh. Of course he didn’t. He’s a genius, I tells you. That’s what you get for watching the last three episodes first. (Yep. I was totally brain fried when I started watching. Didn’t even have the brainpower to check that the discs were in the right order) I got over that. I don’t think I mind spoiler alerts so much – it didn’t bother me knowing where the script was going. In fact, I had to watch them again at the end to really know what was going on.

One of my other not-so-secret-or-shameful loves is bad tv, and I include American cop shows, even the really good, well-respected cop shows in that. I love Bones, although I miss Zac. Bones helped me to love David Boreanaz, and I’m discovering that I can tolerate the brooding of Angel and just look forward to the fighting and the gags.

Season three broke away from the lightness of the first two seasons and had some deep, brooding darkness. It worked for me – although I hate it when they lose too many gags. I was really appreciating the fact that there was not that sense of sexual tension between Angel and Cordelia, and then they started having a whole heap of sexual tension between them. Yawn. Although the scenes in the theatre dressing room – spicy. May have to start writing a romance set in a theatre… The whole Fred/Wesley/Gunn triangle was played out pretty nicely – much as I love him, it felt pretty real to see him get his hopes up only to realise he was wrong – and his heartbreak was effective as a red herring away from the stuff with Angel’s son.

I’m ready for Season four. Season three ended on quite a cliffhanger – well, a series of cliffhangers. I just hope that however Angel gets free, somehow he and Wesley can start working together. And Cordelia doesn’t go too far away. And that guy from the other world – he can bugger off. I’m not a fan. Oooh, and the singer demon guy – more of him, he’s a delight. I’ve seen some later episodes, and I know that Angel and Fred are in them, but I don’t recall Wesley or Cordelia. Or Gunn. Guess I’ll have to wait and see!

My video shop doesn’t have season four. It’s damaged and the new copy should be in around March. I’ll either have to wait, or have to beg, borrow or steal season four.

I just found the image below. I don’t know what season it is from, but it looks awesome. And is that Wesley on the right? Hmm, is it just me, or does he look a lot ‘Chris in the morning’ from Northern Exposure? Gotta love all of that!

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