How good is cake? Pretty good, I reckon. But the real question is: how funny is cake? Well, your average supermarket Madeira is not so funny, but I reckon some cakes are pretty darned funny. Don’t believe me? Check these out – and these were just from the first page of my Google images search – I’ve even categorised them!

Kind of wedding cakes… kind of

I don’t know if that is actually a cake for a wedding, but it looks like it could be. But seriously, apparently it is actually a real cake.

If gay marriage is ever legalised, this will be the best-selling cake ever. In the meantime, I need to find someone to make this cake for me. It looks far too yummy.

If Marieke Hardy gets married again, I hope she has a cake, and I hope she uses these cake decorators.

This is a divorce cake – I love it! Not I want to get married and divorced.

Cakes that look like food

Cake is already food. Why do you want to make it look like other food? But apparently people do…

Fairy cake burgers – cute. Not sure if this is better or worse than mini-burgers.

I don’t believe this is cake. If it is, it is one of the most gross cakes I have ever seen. If it is not, I don’t know why it came up in this search. But it’s here, so there.

What the hell? Spaghetti cake?

Animal cakes

How cute is this? Noah, the ark and all the animals barely fitting on the flooded Earth. Cute.

Yuk. I think someone doesn’t like Kevin very much.

I can only hope this is a birthday cake for someone, but I just cannot imagine who – perhaps Steven Spielberg?

This one was almost yuk, but instead it is just way cool.


Why would anyone want a cake shaped like a Blackberry? Or an iPod/iPhone? I just don’t get it.

Kind of beautiful

Aw. Look. It’s a little Van Gough. And, unless I am mistaken, he’s got a little bandage over a little missing ear. Bless.

I thought this was ‘Number 5 is alive’ but on closer look, I think it’s Wall-E. Shame. I hated that film.

Creepier and creepier

Initially, I thought this was cute. Looking closer – it’s a cake made of sushi. I love sushi, but this is just creepy

I don’t care to look too closely at this. It is just freaky. Zombie fest, apparently.

No, not creepy, although surely this is the best way to pass the work policies and procedures – a hell of a lot more fun than those long, crappy, online quizzes.

Ah, Kid Rock. This cake is just so much more awesome than your career ever was.

And the finale?

A creepy nude small waiter. So much creepier than any cake anyone could ever want, surely.

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