The New Girl – TV Review

The New Girl

There are a lot of Zooey Deschanel haters out there. A lot. I know, because I often see mention of hatred of her on Twitter or Facebook or wherever. Me, I’m a liker. But that’s because I wish I was a hipster. I’m too old and nowhere near trendy enough, but I want pretty girly frocks and a fixy with a basket with flowers on the front and a fringe and to be able to knit and sew and find other ironic and cool yet geeky hobbies. I have come to terms with the fact that I am not and never will be a hipster. Or, should I ever figure out how to be one, I’ll be the last and oldest hipster ever.

See, I loved 500 Days of Summer for all its hipster cardigan glory, and I loved Zooey in it. So I got really excited about New Girl, and it got raved about in the Green Guide. I’m watching it. I’m liking it. I’m really not loving it though.

What do I like? Well, it’s not just a three-camera sitcom set up, which works for a lot of sitcoms, but it’s nice to see something different which allows the story to be taken out of the one or two base locations. I also like the basic premise – girl falling apart from a bad break-up moves in with three guys and they form a kind-of alliance. I like the aspects of Jess (Deschanel’s character) that probably drive most people nuts – her quirks and singing to herself.

What don’t I like? The girl is always right. At least, that’s how it seems. She can do some pretty crappy stuff to people, but by the end, the three men are kowtowing to her and she wins. And sometimes, she shouldn’t. It seems to me that this keeps happening. Jess may apologise for doing something wrong, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to leave it at ‘I’m sorry’ ‘Oh, that’s ok’ – it seems to need to be more ‘I’m sorry’ ‘That’s ok, let me change my behaviour to suit your nuts-ness’ And now I’m writing in non-words. I don’t think that’s totally rare for me.

I also hate the cheesy endings to each episode that keep happening. Cheesy, cheesy. But it’s worth it for the frocks. I’m going to keep watching.

I think I may end up being the last and oldest hipster and the only one left watching The New Girl. Perhaps that is my fate.

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