Ridiculous trousers

This was the most disappointing Google image search so far. Perhaps I got my search terms wrong. Perhaps I should have put in Crazy Pants or What is he wearing? (Oooh, I must try that one…)

Apart from all the celebrity head shots that turned up (head shots, not trousers, not even torsos. Ridiculous, Google. Ridiculous) including Maggie Thatcher and Terry Wogan, there were very few genuinely ridiculous trousers. These, for example.

These are just brightly plaid pants. Probably not that much different to those you see in movies when a cool celebrity is made to golf.

These are just trousers worn stupidly. Like all the cool kids are. There were also lots of shots of baggy pants worn well below the boxers, but if I put them in, I felt I’d be stealing routines for comedians five years ago.

Yeah, these are crazy, but they are also clearly for some kind of performance art type thing. Or a poster for a show. This is not a man walking down a street wearing ridiculousness.

I have no idea where this sculpture is or why, but I loved it and had to include it. Just like I love this next photo.

Beautiful. Should be cover art if it’s not already.

So here’s my final attempt.

Yep, it’s a modelling photo. They are ridiculous trousers, but it’s still not a genuine ‘this is really what I’m wearing in public’ moment, so I am somewhat disappointed.

I guess I’m just going to try harder in my searching next time…

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