Please be careful on two wheels

I saw something today that made me upset and angry. It was some very poor riding by a motorcyclist who nearly wrote himself off, then spent the next kilometre or two abusing the driver of the car that he almost threw himself under, nearly flinging himself off his bike several times in the process. He was riding terribly. He cut in front of this car to avoid a bus that had stopped at a bus stop, then blamed the car for not stopping suddenly to let him in. He didn’t even indicate. And straight after this, he wanted to turn left and cut another car off, although he did indicate this time.

I’m not a bike hater. I know heaps of people who hate bicycles and motorbikes and think they should be off the road. I love the sound of the groups of cycles wooshing down Beach Rd in the morning. Yes, I get annoyed when they break the rules, but it’s no more common in my experience as drivers and pedestrians doing the same.

All I ask is that you guys take care of yourselves. I’ll be careful driving around you, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. Some drivers just don’t care. Please, please. Be careful. And to that guy this morning: I think you are too angry to be in charge of a bike. Or on the road. Go, lay down for a bit, perhaps meditate. Then get on a bus.

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