Famous Kings (but not royalty)

This morning I walked past a local real estate window and saw a property being sold by Stephen King, which made me smile at the idea of some ghostly,  property with alien possession that bursts into fire randomly. Clearly, it’s not that Stephen King. And on the weekend, I saw The Descendants (and hated it). George Clooney’s character is Matt King, and all I could think of was the comedian Matt King who lived here in Melbourne for many a year and used to do New Joke City with Greg Fleet and Marty Sheargold at the Cheeseshop. Great days. Got me thinking about the surname ‘King’. It’s pretty common, I think. I went to school with a King, and I think I may have been taught by an unrelated King.

Here are some that I thought of off the top of my head.

Martin Luther King Jnr. Top bloke, greater orator, made a change in the world.

Larry King. Late night TV show presenter often parodied by Harry Shearer on his podcast Le Show.

Stephen King. The author. In a band with other authors. Such a marvellously nutty idea. Love this daggy cover photo from the 80s.

Matt King. The comedian. Stars in Spirited with Claudia Karvan and lots of small random appearances in British shows like Skins and stuff. Love it.

White King. Ah, just kidding.

That boxing promoter guy. He was a King, wasn’t he?

Yup. Don King. There you have it. Trying to find additional Kings was difficult – at least in the three minutes I had to google search today. Know of any I’ve missed?

2 thoughts on “Famous Kings (but not royalty)

  1. I too was taught by a King at school…..and currently work a King. So much royalty.

    How about a female King….Billie Jean….tennis superstar.

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