WATSON – Shakespeare Fight Club

At the offset, this seemed to start a little too high-brow for what I expect from Watson. Not that I am suggesting they are not high-brow – but when two actors who I was not familiar with started verbal jousting in Shakespearean prose, I began to worry a little. Thank god that Adam and Tegan burst in, with their hilarious banter and naughty sword fighting.

I laughed so much. I laughed at the slapstick, the potentially real injuries on stage, the clever scriptwriting and the fabulous improvisation. And then, something unexpected. I got a bit emotional. Not to give too much away, there is a moment of stillness that Tegan punctuates with a slight wobble in her voice and those big, pleading eyes and I must admit, I felt a little sad. Oh, you crazy kids.

This show’s one of the late shows, so there’s no excuse to miss it. By all means, go see a couple of other shows in the lead up to it, but finish your night with Watson. You’ll love it. Plus, they’ve just been nominated for a Golden Gibbo, so get in quick!

Click the image above for show and ticket info

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