Stupid shoes

I was expecting some that looked ridiculous, but I wasn’t expecting all of these delights.  I’ve put my absolute favourite up front. Wonder if these come in Thorpe’s size.

If you have a fear of feet (podophobia) then you may want to skip the next couple. Yuk.

Those gold ones seem most uncomfortable, whereas these next ones are just plain freaky.

According to, “an exposed heel adds drama”. I’ll take their word for it.

Enough exposing or creepy shoes. How about shoes that are just plain stupid?

I do not understand these at all.

How about some themed shoes? For the gambler…

How about a step up from the old disco goldfish shoe?

What? Seriously?

Really? What’s the point of this? Although it segues nicely into the below unheeled shoes:


Really stupid.

Even more stupid.

Is that a heel? No, it’s 3 freaking tassles. Stupid.

1 thought on “Stupid shoes

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