Last night, there was an earthquake in Victoria. It totally freaked me out, with me thinking it was an animal in the roof, then when it got stronger, a group of teenage hooligans trying to push my house over. Not necessarily logical, but when you are not expecting something, your brain can leap to strange conclusions.

I started looking for images of earthquakes, but given how mild this one was, and the amount of destruction that was shown in the images I found, it felt disrespectful. Instead, sinkholes. These things are amazing – essentially, it is when there is some kind of  hole beneath the surface of the earth that collapses. They can be natural gaps caused by the collapse of rock (often limestone) beneath the surface collapses, and this often occurs after a lot of rain or, conversely, a drought. The holes can also be man-made, such as abandoned septic tanks, collapsed mines and decaying buried organic material. Thanks, for that info. I know who I can approach if I need an inspector.

Now the images.

This is in Guatemala where a giant sinkhole appeared in 2010 after tropical storm Agatha, possibly in conjunction with fluid from a sewer effecting natural deposits beneath the surface. A similar one happened in 2007 only 2 kilometres away.

This one here is known as the Great Blue Hole, and is in Belize.

This is an unidentified house in Florida, where sinkholes are not unusual due to the lime deposits which break down. As do the houses, and probably, the home owners.

Another very unfortunate house.

Stockerton, Pennsylvania has many, many sinkholes in part from natural reserves of Limestone and in part due to a concrete quarry.

This one is along the Hidden Springs Trail at Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Finally, one from home. Mt Gambier, The Blue Lake, caused in part by volcanic activity in the area. It’s awesome – if you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

2 thoughts on “Sinkholes

  1. Is it weird that I have an almost uncontrollable urge to jump into the sinkholes? Especially the one that looks like Alice down the rabbithole…

    • No… After writing this, I had a dream where I was watching one of the sinkholes and lots of people were just walking up and jumping in. It was so odd… families and groups of people. That was weird.

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