YouTube Classics 1 – animals

About two weeks ago, I started a mission to collect YouTube classic clips. There are so many good (and not so good) clips that are really unmissable. But, once I got started, it was like I’d just hit 2006 and I couldn’t stop. So, there will be a few posts over time, and I’ll try to keep them themed. If you have any clips you think should be included, please comment or email me. That would be awesome.

So first up, animals.

Talking animals

I dare you to not laugh at this. Maybe you won’t laugh at all of it, but I’m sure you’ve got to find something funny here. It’s taken from the BBC series The Wild Side of Life, and there are several clips up, often doubling up scenes.

Keyboard Cat

Apparently, this was one of the most popular cat videos. I don’t get it.

Stealth Cat

Stick it out. It gets better and better.

Cat Conversation

Love it.

I totally have to get away from cats.

Dramatic Hamster

Awesome! And really, really short.

Baby Panda Sneeze

Too Cute!

That’ll do for animals. For today, at least.

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