YouTube Classics 2 -Babies (and small children) plus some old classics

Charlie bit my finger

Watch it once or twice. It’s cute. The accent is sweet. I find it hard to believe that they had to move house to get away from internet stardom as I once read, but still, if you haven’t seen it, do.

Notorious B.I.G. calms down crying baby

I don’t think it’s really worth watching the whole thing, but watch long enough to appreciate the gangsta attitude this baby takes on. Nice.

David after dentist

Who said it’s cruel of parents to take advantage of kids? Love this. “Will this be forever?”

I love cats – eHarmony dating clip

I was so relieved to read that this clip was fake. If someone like this really exists… it would represent the downfall of society.

Double Rainbow

It’s so intense. (I wouldn’t watch the whole thing. It goes on forever)

Ken Lee

One of the absolute best clips ever. I don’t think I can ever get sick of watching this.

StrongBad Email – Trogdor

Haven’t heard of Strongbad email? Or Trogdor? Well, here they are!

Leave Brittany Alone!

This is one I’ve seen parodied but never watched. It’s crap. I don’t understand why it was made, and I don’t understand why people watch it. Remember when Brittany shaved her head and went a bit nuts? And everyone kept hassling her? This guy, he felt strongly about that.

Star Wars Boy

I have heard about this for so long, but never took the time to watch it – until now. It is brilliant. I love it.

Miss Teen South Carolina explaining why many Americans cannot find the US on  world map

The pressure is high. Such as. And no doubt, so are the contestants with all of that hairspray. Such as. How else can you explain this answer? Start it at about the 40-second mark.

Grape Stomping Lady

One of the earliest you tube sensations. Not too long. Nice slapstick.

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