YouTube Classics 3 – Comedy sketches and Will It Blend?

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

Pretty much a one-joke wonder which I’d only want to watch a single episode of, but it was pretty funny.


Absurd. Fabulously absurd.

Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen

I love Eddie Izzard, and remember watching this routine years ago and loving it, and seeing someone having put it to Lego – ah, good job, people.

Monopoly – the movie trailer

A college comedy group from the US called the Secret Pants comedy group put this together. I think it’s worth it for the last line.

Tom Hanks – Toddlers and Tiaras

Tom Hanks, I never knew he was so funny! Having recently seen my first episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, it makes more sense. It’s awfully close to the truth…

Will it blend? A great way to advertise a blender.


Rubicks Cube


Glow sticks

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