Google Images by Numbers

So, after the success of the Google Images Alphabet, I thought I’d follow it up with the same thing, but numbers. I hadn’t thought this through all that well, as I realised when I got to 6 and the first one was 69 and I wasn’t gonna put up no pictures from that search. So, here are the image searches from the rest of the numbers…


1Direction (and luckily for everyone, it’s not a picture…)

2012 Calendar
3D Wallpaper
4. The number (it was at this point that I saw just how boring this could have been)
50 Shades of Grey (and at this point I realised it could get very dodgy, but the first photo was just speculation on who will play the man in the movie)
6… oh dear god, no.
7 Wonders of the world
80s fashion
9gag – one of those websites with memes and other hilarious stuff. Hilarious. Really.
Overall, I say numbers are nowhere near as interesting as letters. And that’s that.

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