On Borrowed Time by Evan Green – Book Review

On Borrowed Time

by Evan Green

Steven Malek is contemplating life. He has been fired from his newspaper job due to downsizing, his health is shot and he simply cannot see the point of going on. And then a cyclone hits the Fijian resort where he is miserably holidaying and everything changes. Trying to not fall for fellow survivor Julia Moreton, Malek accidentally falls into a series of life-threatening situations, with only his quick wit for defence.

It took me a while to really get into the book, but when I was hooked, I was totally hooked. Malek is a flawed character, but his self-deprecating humour and acts of selflessness make up for his self-pity. He is a character that, despite myself, I wanted to see succeed. When the terrorist subplot was introduced quite a way in to the book, I felt like it was going to be taking it too far – surely, there is only so much action which is required in one book. However, it resulted in the most exciting action to finish the novel.

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