Close as a Slow Dance by Wasp Summer – Music Review

I don’t know how to write about music. I guess that’s my disclaimer because I feel that these couple of paragraphs just won’t do this beautiful release justice at all.

It’s been a long time since I bought albums that I listened to over and over. I tend to use my iPod shuffle and wonder how it is that my music is so stuck in the nineties (note the part that I said it’s been a long time since I bought music. That’s how I’m stuck back there). When I’m driving and walking, I listen to podcasts, and if I’m on public transport, I read. The time when I listen to music is when I work.

I love this music to read and write to. For some, perhaps, that is not a great recommendation, but for me, I think it is the highest compliment. I don’t sit and listen to music; I don’t use music to relax. I need something that inspires me to work, to keep me on track, to let my mind focus. Close as a Slow Dance does all of that.

Close As A Slow Dance covers so many different moods and emotions, from the longing growls of On the River Road, to the freedom and pain of Dancehall At Louse Point to the mournfulness of I Hope You’ll Mend. Plus, when I feel like putting the keyboard away and having something to shout to, there’s No Time For Compliments Now. Love it.

To buy Close as a Slow Dance or to request your own Wasp Summer concert, visit

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