Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta – Book Review

Francesca lives in Sydney, attends a private school that has only recently turned co-ed and her mother has stopped getting out of bed. She doesn’t know where she fits and feels totally alienated by everything and everyone around her. There are answers she needs that no one can give her.

This is a great book, but it is so similar to Looking For Alibrandi. Even thought the characters have a lot of differences, there are also a lot of similarities, certainly in the way they think.

I thought this book was particularly good at the way it covered how helpless a family can feel when depression hits a member of the family. No one knows how to deal with it, and pretty soon they are all living in a new, horrible normality, all wanting to struggle back to the old norm.

I think I prefer this to Looking For Alibrandi because I feel that it goes into more depth of the issues covered. Or perhaps I just liked Francesca more.

Melina Marchetta spoke at the MWF 2012. More here.

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