My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson – Book Review

I was inspired to get this book from attending two sessions with Susan Johnson at MWF. Click here for more on this. The title of the book intrigued me, wondering if it was going to be titillating or exciting, but I was glad it was not just a list of men (and/or women) that the main character bedded.

The book is written like a series of intense short stories about aspects of the main character’s life. Things that she has loved and appreciated, from people (such as her parents, her friends, and indeed, her lovers) through to parts of her own body (fingers, skin) and other things in her life. It is poetic and beautiful; so much so that I devoured it in chunks in quiet places, like sitting in the backyard in the sun with grass beneath my feet. However, I also needed to put it down and walk away a lot. I needed to have something else to read; something with more plot and action. There is a lot of detailed description, and as the book unfolds, the audience gains a strong sense of who the main character is. It is a delightful character study, and I liked the way the character appeared as I read.

Johnston’s prose is dense and I am looking forward to reading other of her books to see how it works with a different format.

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