Afro Tanaka (2012) Film Review

Afro Tanaka is one of my favourite films of recent times. It is crazy and silly, but I just love it! Based on a popular manga series, Afro Tanaka follows the life of Tanaka who, as a small child, sick of being bullied for his messy hair, grows an impressive afro and becomes a rebel. Only, life is not as exciting as Tanaka expects, working and paying bills. When one of his childhood friends announces he is getting married, Tanaka throws all his energy into finding a girlfriend to take to the wedding.

In many ways, this film is like a series of sitcom scenarios – with Tanaka trying to figure out how to attract a woman and being thwarted along the way. His friends are magnificently ridiculous, especially as they try to cheer Tanaka up over a lonely Christmas. I think it is impossible to watch this film without laughing well and truly out loud.

Afro Tanaka screens at Hoyts Tues Dec 4 at 8:40pm

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