Blackout – TV Review

Christopher Eccelston plays Daniel Demoys, a local council representative in a city somewhere in the UK. Ignoring his wife and children, he is on a downward spiral of drink and drugs until he wakes up one morning after an alcohol-induced blackout and suspects he may have killed a man. The three-part series follows Daniel as he tries to rebuild his life whilst discovering a conspiracy that leaves him little room to maneuver.

I enjoy these British series. Often the writing is strong and watching them feel like reading a good book; complex, with multiple storylines and requiring concentration. However, I felt that Blackout tried to cover too much. Just as I felt I was getting a grip on one plotline, another jumped out. By the end, I think they had all been tied up, but I wasn’t drawn in enough to be compelled to watch the second two episodes. I did watch them, but more for my compulsion to finish what I have started rather than any strong attachment to the series.

The one thing that I did enjoy was the appearance of actor Andrew Scott, who was magnificent as Moriarty in the BBC series of Sherlock. He played a police man who was not going well in his career and whose marriage had broken up. Scott’s performance gave the character a feeling of subtle instability. I think I’m going to need to tag his IMDB page to see what comes next.

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