Grimm – TV Review

There is only one thing I like more that a US police procedural drama (what a romantic sounding genre) and that a supernatural edge – think Buffy and Angel. Grimm doesn’t have the Joss Wheedon touch that made me watch series after series of Buffy and Angel, but it has something that I like.

The concept is that Nick Burkhardt is a policeman, but discovers that he is a ‘guardian’ in a long line of Grimms. Yes, that includes the brothers Grimm who wrote all the fairy tales. And, of course, he discovers that the fairy tales are real. Nick suddenly starts to see the true appearance of the Wesen (they are the mythological creatures), but no one else (apart from other Wesen) can. Grimms have traditionally killed whatever Wesen they come across. The twist to this tale is that Nick has been brought up to believe in right and wrong, and doesn’t want to kill anyone. Luckily, he meets Monroe, who’s a Blutbad (that’s like a wolf creature) who is fighting against his base instincts to kill and eat people. Monroe and his Aunt’s weapon and knowledge filled caravan (his aunt was a guardian who is attacked and hospitalized in the first episode and needs to pass the guardianship to Nick) are the only tools Nick has.

Does it sound like I’m a little too into it? I probably am. And I think there are two key elements why. Firstly, I’m enjoying the twist-on-the-fairytale genre. Each episode takes one of the Grimm Fairytale and set it up with a modern-day crime, and I’m liking that. Secondly, Monroe. Or more specifically, Silas Weir Mitchell who plays Monroe. He’s a character actor who’s been a highlight in other shows I’ve watched over the years – like My Name Is Earl and Prison Break. I was delighted when he appeared, and even more delighted when it proved that his character was going to be recurring.

Is Grimm a good show? Yeah. It’s good. It’s not great. But there are some good characters, fun demons, it’s dark and violent but also has a bit of humour. I’ll probably watch more.

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