Red Riding – TV Review

This British series was made in three parts: In the Year of Old Lord 1974, In the Year of Old Lord 1980 and In the Year of Old Lord 1983. It is based on the Red Riding Quartet by David Pearce. It follows journalists, lawyers and police as they try to discover the truth of a series of murders by serial killers. What became a bit confusing for me was the fact that the real killings by the Yorkshire Ripper that took place in this time were referenced, and I kept wondering if the story was real or not. To be clear, it is fiction.

The television series is extremely gritty, dark and violent, and quite confrontational. There is overt corruption in the police, and quite extreme cover-ups taking place. With all of this, there are children being abducted, raped and murdered. It is not a nice world.

I wouldn’t recommend this film for the weak of heart, or anyone who may find a bleak portrayal of the world uncomfortable at all. But it is very good, and raises a lot of questions that are not answered. For me, I now want to read the books and tie the connections together.

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