Super 8 (2011) – Film Review

I cannot decide if this is the best or worst film I have ever seen. You’d think it would be obvious, but it really isn’t. See, the film is set in the seventies, and it has achieved that really, really well. Everything from the casting, costumes, story and even film stock gives that early Steven Spielberg feel about it. But then there are the special effects. Wow! Right now, I am leaning towards it being the best film ever.

The plot is that there is a group of kids who are making a Super 8 film over the summer break. One night, they sneak out to film on the creaky old train platform, but as they are filming, there is a massive train crash. After this, strange things start happening in town.

I think the reason it may be the worst film ever is that I was not expecting it to go down the sci-fi/conspiracy track. I wanted to know more about the relationships, about the breakdowns in communication and the teenagers toughing it out. But then, it may be the best, because it kind of covers all of this, with explosions.

I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again, and I don’t think this would make my top fifty films, but I think it is a much better film that part of me suspects it is.

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