Swingtown – TV Review


Set in the late seventies in the exclusive North Shore of Chicago, Swingtown follows Bruce and Susan who move into the area and discover the darker underside of this suburban haven. Tom and Trina, the new neighbours, quickly reveal that they relationship is open, and they regularly have swinger parties. Despite judgment from their old friends Roger and Janet, Bruce and Susan get swept up in the lifestyle, whilst trying to keep an eye on their children and their own relationship.

It’s not a great show. To begin with, a show based on a swingers lifestyle should surely have some sex and nudity. If Wikipedia is to be believed, it was originally pitched to HBO, but with Big Love in production, it was passed. It then was picked up by CBS Entertainment and produced for broadcast (as opposed to cable) television, thus getting rid of all the rude stuff. It’s a shame, really, because the characters are very interesting, it’s a great cast, and there’s so much potential. But it is just lacking something, and really, I think that something is sex.

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