Blade Runner : Final Cut (1982) Film Review


When discussing the recent debate regarding new vs old Total Recall, I had a friend point out to me that I wasn’t a fan of science fiction. It’s not necessarily untrue. I’ve recently forced myself to admit that I don’t like Star Wars and I’ve never watched Star trek. And, of course, I didn’t like Total Recall. But then again, I quite liked John Carter, and I am so glad I’ve finally re-watched Blade Runner. What an awesome film!

In a dystopian future, there were robots made in the image of man, finally so close that it is almost impossible to distinguish them. However, after a bloody uprising, the robots or ‘replicants’ were made illegal on Earth. Blade Runners were like cops who were sent out to destroy, or ‘retire’, any replicant that were discovered on the planet. Harrison Ford plays Deckard a Blade Runner who is chasing four rogue replicants but at the same time, an encounter with a replicant who is unaware that she is not human sets him contemplating the morality of what he does.

The version I watched was the 2007 25th Anniversary re-release of the film, which is a version of the director’s cut. This is missing the voiceover from the Deckard character, and I believe the end is possibly different. I can’t imagine what a voiceover would bring – the film really had no need to have anything further clarified.

Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford. He’s just great, really. Handsome, strong, and just a delight to watch, especially in his younger days. It was also fabulous to see Darryl Hannah again – she was so wonderful in Kill Bill, but I always wondered how Tarantino thought of casting her. Now I get it. And Rutger Hauer. What a man.

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