Rango (2011) Film Review


Johnny Depp voices the character known as Rango – a chameleon who is a pet until an accident ands him in the desert where he is forced to fend for himself. Being an animation, I was expecting the usual light-hearted children’s film. Yes, this film is somewhat aimed at children, but wow, it is pretty dark. The first sense of this came when Rango was standing on a road in the middle of the desert and his skin dries up, then sheds and then dries up again. Shortly after this, he meets an armadillo that has been run over flat by a passing truck. The armadillo is talking, and we meet him again later in the film in a more healthy state. But still, it was creepy as.

The animation is beautiful. The characters are beautifully drawn and magnificently animated. It was only after that I did some research and found it was created by Gore Verbinski who also made the Pirates of the Caribbean films – or, at least the first three. I’m not sure I’d necessarily recommend it for most children, certainly not young children. But for older kids, it’s awesome fun.

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