50/50 (2011) Film Review


50/50 is the chance of survival that Adam(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is given when his back pain is diagnosed as a cancerous tumour. Yes indeed, this is a cancer film. And a really good one. It covers the awful moments of diagnosis, and telling friends and family, and all of the times that people try awkwardly to help or relate in some way.

Adam is a pretty restrained character – he’s never learnt to drive because there is such a high risk of dying in a car accident. He has a love/hate relationship with his best mate, Kyle(Seth Rogan), a man who seems oblivious to almost everything and everyone around him. On top of this, he is in the relatively early days of a relationship with a beautiful photographer, and having to deal with an overbearing mother who wants to care for him despite having her hands full with his father who has Alzheimer’s.

There is a lot in there, but essentially, what you have is a strong and entertaining film with lots of black comedy and a few tears. Good times.

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