A friend introduced me to a group on Facebook, #amonthof. It’s a group which has a series of prompts each day and you can respond any way you want – photos, poems, writing, whatever. For January 5, the prompt was ‘gathered’ and I was totally and utterly stumped. Then I remembered Google Images. Phew! This is certainly not as funny as some of the searches I’ve done, but I like it. Especially because it started with my favourite bird.

Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 5.41.29 PM1. Pelicans

2. Organza choker with gathered white satin centre strip

3. Members of the Citizens Assembly

4. & 5. Magazine cover – Gathered by Mollie Makes

6. Gathered for a traditional Chinese meal

7. Gathered with gauze montage

8. Friends gathered around actress Maria Rangel

9. Fans gather to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life

10. Gathered crop cardigan

11. Embroidered edging gathered and beaded

12. Gathered dust ruffle for crib

13. People gathered in square in Xagra

14. Gathered pillow

15. Templates from Mollie Makes

16. Gathered velvet cushion smoke

17. Polly gathered corset dress

18. Flamingos gathered in Kenya

19. A small crowd gathered

20. Oh, it’s the dust ruffle again

21. One shoulder gathered diamonte

22. Stenciled gathered flowers

23. Three office workers gathered around a PC

24. Gathered velvet cushion sapphire

25. Magazine cover – Gathered y Mollie Makes

26. Satin strapless softly curved neckline

27. Gathered front top

28. The castles new family gathered



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