Fish Story (Fisshu Sutori) (2009) Film Review


Some films take a series of sub-plots and weave them in together to a resolution. Sometimes, this is a disaster and it’s just annoying. But when it works – oh, delight!

It works in Fish Story. This is a Japanese film from 2009 that is set in 2012. A comet is about to destroy Earth, and the nuclear bombs that America put deep into it have not exploded (yes, a lot of delightful nods to Armageddon there). Everyone in Japan has headed for higher ground apart from three; one ill man in a wheelchair, the proprietor of a music shop and one customer. They believe that the music from an unknown Japanese punk band from the seventies, Fish Story, will save them all. From here, the film flashes back through time to characters and scenes that appear random, but ultimately are interconnected.

The thing I enjoyed most about this was that each of the storylines are interesting and the film as a whole keeps you guessing as to how it will end, and why these scenes all exist. Then it all comes together in a final sequence that works beautifully.

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