Lars and the Real Girl (2007) FIlm Review



I’m not a big one for romantic comedies. Not to say I don’t watch them at all, but I often find that they give me the irrits, and I want to shake the characters and say ‘hey! Stop it. Just stop it!’ I suppose this is a romantic comedy, but it has so much more depth.

Lars(Ryan Gosling) is an odd and quiet man living in a small town. His brother, Gus(Paul Schneider) and pregnant sister-in-law, Karin(Emily Mortimer) live in their deceased parents’ house and Lars is in the garage. He goes to work and then stays in his house, avoiding any socialization. Then, one day, he introduces the world to his new girlfriend, Bianca. Only, she is a very elaborate sex-doll. His brother and sister-in-law are understandably distressed by this, but are convinced by the local doctor that they should play along with it to see how it can work itself out. Before long, the whole town is playing along, and Bianca has become a part of their lives.

Oh, I cried so much in this comedy. It’s just so incredibly heart-warming, to see a community committing to helping one of their own through such and unusual and strange break from reality. This film definitely makes it as one of my favourite films of all times for the warmth, the humour and the compassion.

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