Page Eight (2011) Film Review



It has come out in the press that, as part of the war, people have been taken to unknown locations and tortured. The British Government deny all knowledge of this, but then a senior worker in intelligence Johnny Worricker(Bill Nighy) is given documentation that proves (on page eight) that the Prime Minister knew. Worricker has to figure out what he should do with this information when his mentor and boss Benedict Baron (Michael Gamon) dies of a heart attack. Add into this a new, attractive neighbor who Nancy Pierpan (Rachel Weisz) is very suspicious of.

I think I liked this film. There’s a lot of information happening, and I did find some of the choices that Worricker made to be quite suspicious. I couldn’t understand, for example, why he would trust some people over others. It’s possible that I just missed the cues for this – having watched a lot of Hollywood blockbusters lately, and perhaps I’m too used to the massive and obvious cues that anything more subtle can be missed. It’s good and it’s clever, but I don’t think it is brilliant. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t be recommending anyone rush out to hire it immediately.


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