Tornado – Wrath of the Heavens (Tornado – Der Zorn des Himmels) (2006) Film Review


Just because a film is screened on SBS, doesn’t mean it is a good film. Case in point : Tornado – Wrath of the Heavens. This is a German film, albeit a made-for-television film that poses the idea that extreme weather conditions caused by global warming could result in a Tornado striking Berlin. So far, it’s not so bad. It’s a good idea and could have been great. Then came the clichés – one after another. The father and son who are in conflict. The man whose ex-girlfriend is with his best mate and he wants her back. The daughter stranded with strange people in danger and the father rushing to their rescue (this one happens twice). It’s a real shame. It seemed as though someone got a budget for special effects (which were generally quite good) and came up with a basic premise, but no-one suggested a more interesting and original concept.

Then, after the tornado hits, everything is suddenly and magically resolved. Weak script. It’s a real shame.

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