Mr and Mrs Murder – TV Review


Two episodes in and this show has so many elements that I totally love. Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart, of course, but then there is also procedural crime drama, unlikely murders, ridiculous yet plausible scenarios and the potential hint of grossness. It’s really good.

The premise is that Micallef and Stewart play a husband and wife crime-scene clean-up team who like to help their friends in the police solve the crime. The idea of crime scene clean-up is something I’ve been morbidly fascinated with for some time – especially after reading some extremely gross articles with details that have stuck in my mind. As a television show on Channel 10 at 8:30, it’s not going to have these gross details, but sometimes just the suggestion is enough.

In some ways, I feel like it is a surprise that this premise has not already been used, but I’m so glad that it is an Australian production with Micallef and Stewart heading the cast. I’m sure it will only be time before the US buy the format and put one together. I expect I’ll watch it and I’ll probably really enjoy it. But it will be a very different creature.

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