Epic Movie (2007) Film Review


Why? (That’s a general plea to the universe as to why a film like this exists) So often, I sit through a film just for the point of having seen it. Sometimes, I think it wasn’t really worth my time. But occasionally, I get mad at the world for wasting part of my life. And then I get mad at myself for not stopping it. Damned insistence on finishing things.

Epic Movie is one of those films that takes a swipe at a whole bunch of popular culture of the time. Consequently, it dates very quickly. I didn’t even get half of the references, and those I did failed to raise a smile. Films like Epic Movie are a bit of an echo to great films like Flying High or Top Secret – several jokes per minute, lots of daggy gags, most clever, but often a little dumb. Only now, any semblance of cleverness has gone, and it’s just dumb, crude and not funny at all. Should I ever consider Scary Movie or any of the other of these, please, please, please stop me. Please.

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