Alps (2011) MIFF Film Review



When a person dies, it obviously causes a great deal of grief to their family and friends. However, would this grief be alleviated if someone was able to step in and act in the place of that person to give the family a chance to come to terms with their loss and move on?

Alps explores with theme, where a small company provides this service to families. The actors take the place of the deceased for a couple of hours several times a week, playing out scenes from the life of the family. The families are given the chance to move on, but it has more serious connotations for at least one of the actors.

I mistakenly thought that this film would have a lot more dark comedy to it, although having seen the film, I’m not sure where it would be. Having said that, some of the inane conversations were almost surreal, especially when repeatedly discussing the use of coffee cups in the workplace. The cinematography was beautiful, but I was not totally engaged in the film. I think it was because there were not really any likable characters in the film. Still, it is a wonderful and interesting concept and is worth watching.


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