A Monster in Paris 3D (2011) MIFF Film Review


Set to the backdrop of 1910 Paris, with the feet of the Eiffel Tower deep in flood water, A Monster in Paris is a delightful animated film about the plight of a giant flea with a beautiful voice. A small group of Parisians realise that the flea doesn’t want to hurt anyone and they set out to save him. They are challenged by the superintendent of the police who wants to run for mayor, and who will stop at nothing to kill the flea and win the confidence of the fearful city dwellers.

It’s hard to get into the rhythm of a film like this after many years of watching Pixar films and becoming used to the formula. Something like this comes and mixes things up a little and it doesn’t seem right – at first. I found the start a bit average, wasn’t really loving the characters or the set-up, and then the monster was created. Suddenly, everyone had something to do and the whole film took off.

A few bits still seemed a little clunky and not quite right. The back-story that is revealed in the final scene wasn’t necessary, or perhaps it would have been more effective if it were revealed a little earlier in the film. But really, now I’m nitpicking. The music was great, the characters were delightful and the story was sweet. MIFF recommends for eight and above, so get your kids together and get to MIFF.


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