A Useful Life (2010) MIFF Film Review


I love film and I love films that try something different. Sometimes, I may not understand or like what is happening in the film, but I persevere, sure that something good will come out of it.

This one I just didn’t get. It had a certain beauty in many of the shots, and a type of timelessness created by the use of black and white. But overall, I just didn’t get the point.

Jorge has been a worker at the Cinemateque in Montevideo for over thirty years, and now it is closing down. He and the other workers appear devastated, yet no one seems to be doing anything to change the path of this demise. Apart from a taped request for additional support from the few members who attend the screenings. Jorge is a shy man, and I wanted to feel excited when he takes control of his life and pursues love. However, all I felt was frustration that the film was moving slowly and didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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