End of Animal (2010) MIFF Film Review


This film had me on the edge of my seat. I should put it out there that I do not do scary films well, especially if they are suspenseful, so I would never recommend anyone use my judgment as to whether a film is scary or not. With this film, it was the constant wondering about whether you should actually be scared or not that had me worried.

It starts with a very timid and pregnant girl, Soon-young, who is taking a taxi ride through a desolate country area. The driver, who is quite protective of her, stops for a hitchhiker who she agrees can join them on their drive. But, the hitchhiker is very rude to her, and then starts to outline details of the driver’s life; details about him that no one would know. He then counts down to an event, a sudden flash, after which Soon-young wakes up in the broken down car all alone, with an unresponsive phone. As she tries to find her way to the road services centre so she can call her mother, she comes across various people who try to both help and harm her.

It’s the debut film by Jo Sung-hee, and whilst there were elements of the narrative that possibly could have been clearer, I didn’t mind leaving this film with some confusion about exactly what happened. The story is told in an interesting way with a good pace, and I think this filmmaker is one to keep an eye on.

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