Eternity (2010) MIFF Film Review

Why is this film called Eternity? Because that’s how long it feels like I have been watching it. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Whilst it is true that it is a very slow paced, slow moving film with little plot or character development, I actually found this film quite compelling. Perhaps it was the beauty of the shots – long, slow shots, often with little movement. Sometimes, it is nice to just sit back and watch the world as it happens.

Apparently, according to the blurb in the MIFF a guide, this is the story of “a wandering spirit named Wit as he traces the happiest moments in his mortal life.”  I didn’t get that at all. For me, it was just the story of a very normal man and woman, both quite shy and quiet, who were courting. At times, that was a bit sickening. You know when you see a couple who are newly together and are pretty sappy? They hold hands in a way that you can tell that they are not used to each other’s hand and laugh a little too eagerly when one tells a joke? And you know how that can be pretty annoying to be around? Well, there was certainly an element of that in this film. They are a pretty cute couple, which can be a little sickening.

Don’t see this if you want lots of story and action, but if you want to relax and watch something slowly happen, this could be a good one for you.

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