Give Up Tomorrow (2011) MIFF Film Review


Sometimes, it is amazing just how unjust the world can be. How can it be possible to convict a man of kidnapping, rape and murder when he has over forty witnesses that he was on the other side of the country?

Corruption and power seem to be the key elements here. From the suggestion that the father of the two missing girls was involved in some nasty business to the various family connections to people in positions of high power, this documentary seems to be suggesting that the lack of evidence was unimportant to the conviction of seven innocent men.

It is a story that should make you outraged. There are clearly so many reasons that the case should not have reached this point, yet it has. At the end it is stated that the film was made by a relative of Paco Larranaga and is setting out to prove Paco’s innocence. Does this clear bias take away at all from the evidence presented? I don’t think so, although if you take the documentary on face value, then you cannot help but to lose a little hope in human nature.

I do think the film is too long and parts are quite repetitive but the essential story is there – an innocent man facing huge injustice.

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