In Another Country (2012) MIFF Film Review


In Another Country is a marvelously kooky film from the outset. A young woman tries to shut out the problems of her life by writing a screenplay. In the script, three Frenchwomen, all named Anne (and all played in the film by Isabelle Huppert) stay in a holiday house in a small town for a night. Each has a different reason for being there, but each completes a series of actions; borrowing an umbrella for a walk and meeting a life guard amongst them.

Structure of time is played with a lot in the film, with questions raised in the first Anne’s visit not answered until much later. I enjoyed this puzzle, and I enjoyed the slow reveal of information. The acting was marvelous, and I was especially enamoured by the gorgeous and goofy lifeguard whose tenuous grip on English but his enthusiasm were totally delightful.

I actually did not feel that the set-up with the scriptwriter at the start was necessary, especially as she was not revisited at the end of the film. Perhaps it may have been a bit more unclear why things were happening without that scene at the start, but I think I would have like it regardless.

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