Low Life (2011) MIFF Film Review


This year, I’ve been pretty lucky with the films I’ve seen. Most of them have been fabulous, or tolerable and I’ve only actually disliked a couple. Until now. I hated Low Life. I was just annoyed the whole way through.

A group of students in France in their twenties spend their time not smiling and making broad statements about stuff. Some might see it as philosophy. I see it as annoying, pretentious faff. Then, a guy from Afghanistan has his study visa revoked for being involved in some political action and his French girlfriend gets a bit agoraphobic trying to keep him safe.

I know I’m being sarcastic and harsh, but Low Life really annoyed me. I’ve met a lot of people, but no-one as self-obsessed and wanky as any in this group. What’s more, the film went for over two hours  -and yet lot of the characters seemed superfluous, and there were discussions and plot lines that were totally unnecessary. I don’t even know if the security situation in France is as bad as it is represented in the film – and after 130 minutes of watching this, I actually don’t care.


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