Pink Ribbons Inc (2011) MIFF Film Review


The pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer has become recognisable throughout the world, with almost every shop having ‘pink’ items that donate money to the cause and events such as fun runs across the globe. But what does this really achieve? Director Lea Pool looks at a wide variety of issues relating to the pink ribbons, from the ‘pinkwashing’ by many corporations, to where the money actually goes.

It is incredibly interesting and a doco which I would recommend to everyone just to be aware of some of the issues around a cause which has been so heavily corporatised. The only real issue I had with the film was with the structure. There are a lot of different aspects covered over the hour-and-a-half, but it jumped around all over the place, from one issue to another. One moment, I was getting annoyed at companies who buy the rights to have pink ribbon products whilst producing products which are linked to causing breast cancer, and then before I have a chance to take all of that in, I was getting frustrated with the language of the cause.

It is important for people to be aware of where their donated money is going, but there is always a vague concern that a doco exposing the problems with a cause could result in people stopping donating. I hope this isn’t the case – I just hope that when people watch, they consider where their money is going.

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