Press Pause Play (2011) MIFF Film Review


Technology is advancing rapidly. I think we’re all across this, especially here at Melbourne Geek. Anyone can produce high quality music, films and many other forms of artwork at a minimal cost, and this is changing the landscape of The Arts. PressPausePlay has a variety of experts from Moby to Seth Godin talking about what this means. The film seems to avoid taking a firm stance on it, with a combination of opinions telling the audience a variety of things: that the creative world is dead and nothing is coming to replace it; or that the amount of accessible material being produced by amateurs across the globe is watering down the overall quality of work; or that this accessible technology is opening up the world to many new forms of genius and that the art world can only thrive through this.

Personally, I felt there was too much weight on opinion and not enough showing what is possible. The best parts of the film were the parts that showed some of the new works coming out of this technology. On the other hand, perhaps a film was not the best format to show how things are changing, when much of the technology in the film has probably already been superseded. This is a great film for people who may not be up on what is out there, and are prepared to be wowed by stuff that, in many cases, can be found on the net.

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