The Future (2011) MIFF Film Review


A couple in their thirties decide that their relationship is strong enough to take on a joint commitment. A cat. But this is not just any cat, this is an ill, rescue cat who is not expected to live more than six months. However, they cannot pick it up right away, but have to wait for thirty days until the cat has recovered from an operation. This delay brings on an existential dilemma do either of them want to remain in the jobs they hate, or should they spend the thirty days doing something remarkable?

The Future is a very funny film, but also very weird. The weird aspect of the movie took some of my enjoyment away – especially the creepy cat narrator. I just enjoyed the human characters so much, and I had no interest in what this cat had to say. I loved the way the two main characters made stupid or impulsive decisions that I hated, but they were passionate in some way about what they were doing. Or, if they were not immediately passionate, they became passionate.

It’s not a straight-forward normal story narrative, and there are elements of magical realism which is a literary style that I love in bits and pieces. I would recommend it to anyone who asked for an unusual comedy. Although I would not be expecting that everyone I recommend it to would actually like it.

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